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Depth of Field Explained
Copyright 2007 Justin Snodgrass

This 20 minute video provides a detailed explanation of depth-of-field and the factors that affect it. This tutorial was designed specifically for filmmakers who use or are planning to use 35mm depth-of-field adapters. The information can also be applied to still photography and other suited mediums.

You may download the full version to your computer (by saving it) or watch each of the six sections online. You will need QuickTime 7 or later to play the files. If you choose to watch the full version please download the file to your computer. Depending on your connection and browser, the sections may take several minutes to begin playing. The depth of field tutorial is also available on youtube.

DOF Explained

Full version (20 min, 112MB)

1. DOF Defined (2 min, 12MB)
2. Aperture (7 min, 41MB)
3. Focal Length (3 min, 20MB)
4. Distance (3 min, 17MB)
5. Three Together (3 min, 16MB)
6. Conclusion (1 min, 7MB)